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about me.

My working practice focuses on Mental Health. Exploring conditions prevalent in society today; from autobiographical works on Anorexia, Depression and Borderline Personality Disorder, to informed impressions of the reality facing those with conditions such as Bipolar disorder.   


Using a combination of 2 + 3D works, I aim to create spaces or moments which encourage people to talk freely and openly about mental health. To discuss the way our society copes with mental health.


To consider ones own neurology, and that of the people who surround them. Looking again at the stigma that still shrouds many conditions in shame. An attempt to stimulate conversation and change. 

It is only through more frequent and unreserved discourse we will see an increase in positive, progressive change towards the acceptance, education and treatment of mental health.


Attempting to rationalise how we as people interact with our madness and the lunacy of everyone else.



'if i said the sky was black you would say it's white' (installation, in progress) 2021;
'grapefruit' (film) 2021
'grief and loss in the house where i went mad' (performative installation, in progress) 2020;
dead parent club (oil and pen on canvas) 2020
'look at the things you made me feel' (oil and resin on wood, in progress) 2019;
'distrabtion' (12 piece oil on wood series, in progress) 2018;
'heterotopia' (sensory installation, prototype exhibited) 2017;
'homogeneous' (installation, prototype exhibited) 2017;
'peregrine' (blood and pen on paper) 2017
'it's okay now' (pen on paper) 2017
'parcelled shapeless' (installation) 2016
'felt' (plaster sculpture) 2015
'lost' (installation) 2015
'connected' (printwork series) 2015
'wrap it up' (installation) 2014
'soul' (oil on wood) 2013
'corruption of sex' (film) 2013
'diseased' (mixed media on paper, installation) 2013
'tunnelling' (installation) 2012



Manchester, UK