if i said the sky was black you would say its white

'if i said the sky was black you would say its white'  typeface on linen2021: 

The initial fabric components of what will become a sculpturist installation. A personal piece exploring the dichotomous nature of validation for those suffering from borderline personality disorder (a.k.a emotionally unstable personality disorder). A frequently misunderstood and stigmatised condition, which among many catalysts is often found to be caused by chronic invalidation as a child. This work focuses a series of triggering invalidations and dismissals experienced whilst trying to seek professional therapeutic treatment for the disorder, the recognised and specifically designed course of DBT (dialectic behavioural therapy). The wafer thin fabric and the aggressive jumbled typeface seek to represent the fragility of the sufferer and the destabilising impact of continued invalidation. The overall lack of education, even amongst medical professionals, and the tendency to label sufferers as 'damsels in distress' or 'manipulative' has created a culture in which those receiving their diagnosis are then stigmatised and unable to get (or too afraid to ask for ) the support they need. 

***this work is currently in progress***